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The Healing Power of Dolphins
by Janine Bowring and Joy Dietrich

Dolphins are marine mammals with many similarities to humans. And in fact, they may have more in common with us than we think. 

Thirteen of 22 dolphin chromosomes are identical to human chromosomes, according to researchers at Texas A&M University . And the nine remaining chromosomes were found to be combinations or rearrangements of their human counterparts.

The dolphin's anatomy is strikingly similar to our own, in spite of the obvious differences. Bones of the hands and feet are almost identical, only theirs are housed in their fins. Dolphins also experience emotions in the same way that humans do. They can feel a wide spectrum of emotions, from joy and exuberance to sadness and pain.

It has also been discovered that dolphins have healing abilities and are able to connect with humans unlike any other animal. There is a popular theory that dolphins originated in Atlantis, a land of mysticism and highly intellectual and spiritual people. 

The Atlanteans are said to have been healers, some of whom may have reincarnated as dolphins during the Great Flood. In modern artwork of dolphins, one can often see remnants of Atlantis depicted as a sign of connectedness to this era where people may have been slightly ahead of their time.
Researchers have measured the brain waves of humans after interaction and close contact with dolphins. They have noted that an induction of the alpha brain state occurs, which may have effects in strengthening the immune system, specifically the T-cell count.

The dolphin's sonar system is very similar to ultrasound technology used to diagnose and treat common ailments and conditions. The sonar can penetrate our soft tissues and then transmit the information back to the dolphin's brain for analysis. In this way, the dolphin can see inside our bodies and also determine if there is any abnormal tissue, such as a tumour.

There are countless stories of dolphins helping humans heal and become aware of their illnesses. One example is of a young man who swam daily with one particular wild dolphin. They formed a close relationship over time. One day, the dolphin tapped the man's shoulder with its tail. The man paid no special attention to this gesture. With each encounter, the dolphin intensified the power of his tap, to the point where the man's collarbone was broken, requiring immediate medical care. An X-ray revealed the beginnings of a lung tumour that would not have been discovered otherwise.

Dolphins teach us about the life we are meant to lead, to be playful, loving and spiritually connected beings of light. Their energy represents unconditional love and is a very powerful tool in opening our heart chakras. There is still much to learn about dolphins and their teachings. They are beautiful creatures that should be held in reverence and honour.