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Yoga and Golf:

Because Your Body Doesn’t Get A Mulligan!

An Easy Stretch for Women Golfers..

As you prepare to hit your tee shot.. do you feel physically strong, flexible
and balanced in your stance? Is your mind quiet and focused with a smooth
cadence in your swing?

Golfers face many physical and psychological challenges in the golf swing.

The goal: bring the mind and body into one effortless motion - sometimes
called “the zone”. The mind-body connection combines strength, flexibility,
balance, breathing and concentration for golf performance. Millions of
people are discovering similar benefits through the practice of yoga
and significantly improving their
golf game as a result.

Thinking you can’t do Yoga because you’re not a pretzel?
Not true. Yoga is now the fastest growing form of exercise in America with
numerous beginner yoga classes available. There are many styles of yoga,
from the most physically active called Ashtanga or Power yoga, to the more
meditative and gentle style of Kundalini.

Let’s take a look at the mechanics of the golf swing. You ask the body
to perform a series of complex movements involving over fifty muscles - all
executed from a standing static position with explosive force. When golfers
perform this repetitive movement and it is understandable that the majority
of professional and amateur golfers suffer from low back, shoulder and neck
strain. Many of the yoga poses are designed to bring greater flexibility to the
muscles of the body impacted by the golf swing - primarily the spine,
shoulders, and legs.

Many PGA and LPGA professionals like Gary McCord, Andrew Magee
and Annika Sorenstam utilize the benefits of yoga for better golf. In the
words of Gary McCord, “Preparing for golf, from the viewpoint of a
professional, is an exhaustive task. You have to tighten your swing, practice
your short game, get in the right frame of mind and get physically fit. Or you
can practice yoga and accomplish all of the above,”