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What is Yoga ?

commonly asked questions from beginners:



Some people have a misconception that yoga is a religion.
Yoga has been embraced by some religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, IT IS NOT A religion, a cult, or any form of a church, nor a new age fad! However, if you are practicing a religion, Yoga may deepen your experience of it.

It is a philosophy and a science of well being and growth.

It is not about "emptying your mind"

It is not living in a commune, nor lying on a bed of nails, sitting around in a haze of incense chewing on rice flavored tofu-jerky while strumming your sitar! (although tofu can be very yummy and healthy, and sitar music is kind of cool!) (intended to be funny!)


There is also a wide misconception that in order to do yoga, one must be flexible.
A yoga studio is not a body contortion school! (although you can learn some very cool stuff). It is not about how far the body can stretch, but instead how deeply you breathe in the posture. Class may challenge you but not strain the body.

The benefits are not limited to physical aspects such as increased endurance, flexibility and strength. You may eventually find that you think more clearly, feel more creative, or simply become more at peace with yourself and life in general.
As you move, you tune-in to the messages sent by your body while you develop a greater awareness of yourself, your intuition and the importance of living in the present moment.

Flexibility will come in time, with patience, effort & practice.



We reccommend that you take 2 classes each week as a beginner, and increase the number of classes as you gain experience. We also believe that to fully realize your potential, you practice some yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga’s Benefits:

  • Releases stress & relieves tension.
  • A vibrant form of physical exercise.
  • Builds and strengthens the body.
  • Creates moderate-to-dramatic improvement in flexibility.
  • A wonderful way to improve digestion & elimination and detoxify.
  • A great way to increase energy, stamina and strength & improve physical balance.
  • Helps the healing process of past or recent injuries.
  • Does bring a sense of balance to life’s challenges.

Try It !

Perfect Balance Yoga offers a range of dynamic yoga styles and instructors to help you learn basic-through-advanced postures in a beautiful, comfortable & warm environment.
Encourages people of all faiths and beliefs to improve and strengthen their body, mind, get in touch with their spirit and live their own beliefs and convictions!!!
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Just about anyone can do yoga.

Over 5000 years old - expanded & enhanced for modern practice.

Who does yoga?

~ Everybody.......doctors, lawyers, athletes, cooks, teachers & Sunday school teachers, admin's & techy's, soccer Mom's & Dad's, Grandma's & Grandpa's, students & retirees, the strong & not-so-strong, pregnant, physically challenged, and every body-type under the sun.

One of the most important things to remember about yoga, is that there is no competition!...and no self-judgment...students are focused on exploring their own personal challenges, they won't have time to focus on you! Have fun and enjoy discovering new things about your body and its abilities.


Thoughts from a well known yoga teacher:

~ This Self-revelation of the Divine as a gift freely given is the essential meaning of Grace. Because the purpose of yoga is to open us to this experience, yoga is not contrary to any religion. Inasmuch as all religious traditions readily agree that we - our own existence as selves - come from God and not from anywhere else, this quest to know our own true Self is compatible with all religions and contradicts none. The mystic schools of each religious tradition in the world agree that this quest is the essence and key to the spiritual path, because the very being of our own selves comes directly from the Self of God, and is the essence of our oneness with God. As St. Francis is said to have put it, "The One you are looking for is the one who is looking." It is really vital to understand that yoga, as a set of practices seeking insight into and experience of the nature of our own Self, is not a religion. It is a worthy companion to any religion.

Thus in yoga our highest intention is to know the natural state of the Self. We get a taste of the essential nature of this Self when our mind falls silent but keenly aware of everything and we feel fully at peace, at ease, content yet brimming with quiet joy in the state of just being. -Doug Keller

If you can breath, you can do yoga!