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Yoga Class Descriptions
Class Level
Level 1

Beginners; Little or no experience.

Level 2

Intermediate; Student has an understanding of the basics and feels confident moving forward with greater challenges. This includes beginning inverted postures and some easier backbends, more focus on pranayama(breathing).

Level 3

Advanced Intermediate; Student has achieved a significantly increased level of fitness and is ready to move into a more intensive practice. Including backbends, inversions, arm balances, longer holds.

Styles of Yoga



Ashtanga in the style of Sri K Pattabhi Jois is a combination of dynamic breathing and strong flowing movements. This creates a deep purifying heat nourishing internal organs and eliminating toxins; cleansing the nervous system, releasing a power and energy that is exhilarating. Enables one to reach a deep state of relaxation.

(drink lots of water before & after class) Intense workout!

The system of yoga based on the Ashtanga,or Eight-Limbed discipline of yoga.
Back to Basics
Learning foundation postures, breathing techniques and how to balance the bodies energies.

The Bikram method of yoga. In a Bikram class the yoga studio is heated to between 105o to 115o and students follow a repetitive pattern of twenty-six postures.


Flow is timing the movement to the breath. A fluid form of moving from one posture to the next without holding the postures for very long. Increases flexibility with grace and style. A substantial energy builder.

Alignment/ Iyengar

Iyengar focuses on precise alignment in each pose. Through the use of props such as blocks, blankets and belts, you will be able to find your best body position, feeling an absolute body awareness. This style of Yoga cultivates endurance, strength, flexibility and relaxation.


Gentle Yoga is especially modified for those interested in all the benefits of yoga at an easy pace or someone with a mature body. It helps in improving balance, building stronger muscles, increases flexibility and aids in preventing osteoporosis.


Hatha Yoga refers to the physical aspect of Yoga, of which there are many styles, out of which evolve more styles. Most styles of yoga taught are some form & variation of Hatha Yoga. The differences are usually about emphasis, such as focusing on strict alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement, holding the postures, or the flow from one posture to another. The word Hatha broken into the root words HA ~Sun , THA ~ Moon.

HOT Yoga

Studio is warmed to 94o. This encourages a purifying sweat, moving into deeper postures through increased body & muscle temperature, very nice release of tension and stiffness. Combines several different styles of yoga, blended into pure power workout!
Hydrate yourself well for this class! (drink lots of water before & after class)
Intense workout. you will sweat!


High Energy Flow or Vinyasa Flow

High Energy Flow is a vigorous and flowing practice, Vinyasa blends the major traditions (including Bikram and Ashtanga) in a new expression combining the best of ancient and modern yogic wisdom. It promotes strength, flexibility, endurance, grace, release and joy.


Kids Yoga

Yoga for Kids is modified for kids in a fun and attention grabbing way.

    • Develop strong, flexible and healthy bodies
    • Increase concentration, focus and attention
    • Build self-esteem and confidence
    • Open up to a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind.
    • Acquire personal tools for stress management
    • Express creativity and imagination
    • Understand anatomy and health
    • Learn environmental awareness and earth care
    • Foster language development and social interaction

Kundalini Yoga/Meditation: which works on the premise that the body has eight "chakras," and through use of "breath of fire" (rapid breathing), one can heat up the body from the bottom up, eventually "raising kundalini" to achieve a feeling of high enlightenment. A practical and powerful tool for self-healing that can be practiced by anyone. Kundalini utilizes postures, movement, stretching and exercise along with breath, sound current and meditation to work all aspects of your being. Kundalini Yoga helps to calm the mind and emotions, balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system. The body's energy that is found coiled at the base of the spine; symbolized by a coiled female serpent. Kundalini yoga uses the breath-- specifically, moving the breath along the spine to stimulate different energy centers.

Mysore stlye yoga is a popluar form of teaching in the Astanga tradition of yoga. You bring your yoga practice, you invest your sweat equity, and the instructor will assist you through challenging postures based on your practice and ability. You will be guided through an pre-established series of asana.

Join other moms-to-be in a warm, caring and fun class. This workout for expectant mothers includes stretching, movement, and breath designed as preparation for birth. A nurturing class designed to meet the changing needs of pregnancy. This class is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant women to share their experiences, connect with their developing baby, and prepare for childbirth through movement, relaxation and breath techniques.

Asana: Posture.
Ashram: Typically secluded community setting where yoga is practiced.
Ayurveda: Ancient holistic Indian medical system that places emphasis on the individual's involvement in his or her own well-being.
Chakras: The body's spiritual energy centers.
Guru: Teacher(literal translation is teacher), someone that has been practicing and teaching yoga for a very looong time.
Karma: Yogic system of action and service, without any expectations of something in return.
Mantra: Meditative sound and positive affirmations(can be a prayer if you want).
Namaste: Sanskrit word meaning "I salute the spirit within ". Traditional Indian and Nepalese greeting.
Om: Origin of all sound, and the symbol om. Ultimate Reality.
Prana: Vital life energy that exists everywhere in the universe in different degrees.
Pranayama: Rhythmic control of breath used to increase prana and reduce obstructions in the body and settle the mind.
Sanskrit: The ancient language of India and the Vedas and the classical literary language of India.
Shakti: Feminine energy, also known as kundalini.
Surya-namaskar: Sun salutation -- sequence involving 12 to 14 separate but flowing postures. (possible 36 sun salutation variations)
Tantra: Yogic system that uses the energies of the body, sometimes the sexual energies(not sex), to transcend worldly attachments.
Ujjayi breathing: Deep and audible breath exercise. Victorious Breath.
Vinyasa: The flowing, preparatory steps taken to reach a specific goal of asana practice.
Yoga: Literally means to "yoke", to bring together. A system of healing and self-transformation based in wholeness and unity.
Yogi: Practitioner of yoga.
Yogin: Male yogi.
Yogini: Female yogi.