Perfect Balance YOGA TM

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Attending Class

Beginners guidelines

    • Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. Please be early for every class.
    • Arriving early gives you an opportunity to relax and prepare for class.
    • If your having a conversation, keep the volume low.
      Please be considerate of your fellow yogis who may be quietly relaxing or meditating.


  • What to wear
    • Wear comfortable, form fitting clothing. Baggy clothes not recommended.
    • Wear sandals? join us in keeping the studio clean by checking for clean feet.
    • Leave cell phones, pagers & anything that beeps in your car.
  • Getting started
    • Yoga is non-competitive. There are no prizes for the best looking posture.
    • Everyday your body will feel and respond differently. It's normal.
    • One of the best qualities we learn is to be patient with yourself.
    • Progress is not about how easily you can touch your toes, but by how mindful and present you are while practicing.

  • Yoga mats
    • Perfect Balance Yoga provides yoga mats for new students. However As a commitment to your practice and
      for personal hygiene, we recommend that you purchase your own mat.
    • We recommend that you don't buy common PVC(plastic) yoga mats made from toxic chemicals,
      they don't perform as well as natural mats and may "gas-off" during use.
    • We have environmentaly friendly, high quality mats at the studio for sale.

  • About Teachers
    • Depending upon teaching style, some instructors may offer physical adjustments to your posture in class.
      This enables the teacher to help enhance your practice.
      It's OK to let them know if you prefer not to have the adjustments.
  • Arrive fragrance free
    • Don't wear body lotions, deodorants or hair products with a fragrance.
    • Why, Some students may be sensitive to these products.
    • Wash mats occassionaly with hot, soapy water.

  • Daily Practice
    • Make yoga and relaxation part of every day.
    • Find time to practice at home, even if it is for only 15 minutes.
    • Be aware of your posture throughout the day.
    • Be aware of the quality of your breathing.
    • Yoga can be as easy as taking five deep conscious breaths, just because.
    • Keep your yoga practice fun & easy spirited.
  • Practice on an near empty stomach.
    • Allow 2 hours digestion or more after a meal. Dont eat before you practice!
    • Yoga is much better on an empty or near empty stomach.
    • Drink plenty of room temperature water after class. Only sip if you need to during class.
  • Attend the level of class suitable for your experience or recommended to you.
    • To honor everyone's path in yoga we ask that you only attend a level 3 or higher class if you have an on-going,
      consistent practice or by permission of the teacher.

  • Please respect your guests as well.
    • If they are new to yoga, bring them to a basics/level one class. It will be good for both of you.
  • And the most important thing........ Enjoy yourself and have fun with your yoga!

Studio Philosophy

Perfect Balance Yoga

Giovanni and Joanne bring their years of passion for yoga together with warm and inviting surroundings to provide students of all abilities a beautiful studio to practice yoga in.

Their ideal is to create a nurturing oasis that will encourage the growth of each student’s yoga, increase personal energy and promote a lifetime of wellness. We promise to offer only the highest level of service to every customer. We make every effort to offer a variety of classes with quality instructors to insure our student’s satisfaction in finding the right class for their ability, style and practice.
We delight in being respectful of the environment, respectful of cultural influences and the global effect of any products that we make available. Any products offered in the studio are distinguished by their high level of quality and solid value. We will offer a portion of any earnings to selected charities several times each year, charities that our students help us select.

In this fast paced and modern world we strive to keep our yoga as pure and simple as yoga has been for over 5000 years.


Joanne & Giovanni.


Happiness is a yogi's warm lap!