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Joanne Bazarian

As a child Joanne watched her Mother practice Yoga in the living room. She would join her mom and cobblers pose was Joanne's position of choice. Joanne walked into her first yoga class in 1997 and never looked back. Her very first class was a Bikram advanced class (whew!). She has studied Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram.

Joanne is co-director of Perfect Balance Yoga and her ideal is to introduce Yoga to people so they might experience the joys of what yoga can do for them.“Yoga is a wonderful and true embodiment of all that is good for you. The benefits achieved by practicing Yoga are unmatched by any other form of exercise. I love the peacefulness and mindfulness. Taking care of myself, body and spirit is very important, Yoga gives me peace, it gives me balance, and it gives me an overall feeling of goodness”.

Joanne has studied with many instructors in the Bay Area. Since returning to Fresno she studied with Nancy Wubenhorst and feels very grateful to have been instructed by the Ashtanga Yoga Master, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


Elizabeth Burnison

As an avid yoga practitioner, Elizabeth has been incorporating yoga into her life since 2005. Upon moving to California in 2008, Elizabeth enhanced her knowledge of asana, yogic philosophy, and spirituality by completing the 200-hour teacher training program offered at Perfect Balance Yoga. As a result of her training, Elizabeth has implemented yoga into her heart, mind, daily life, and she has found that by doing so her life is much more fulfilling, compassionate, and peaceful. She has great passion for yoga and sharing it with others.

Elizabeth’s interest in Ayurveda and Meditation is empowering her to pursue continuing education in these areas, deepening her spiritual journey and healthy lifestyle. Aside from yoga, Elizabeth teaches science to pre-teens/teenagers in the California public educational system, she has found that yoga helps her stay grounded in all aspects of life, especially in the classroom!


Suzy Corgiat

"Suzy periodically attends school for Thai bodywork, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese and Native American medicines. This information has changed her life and she is very excited to share this new education with everyone. She first became a licensed Massage Therapist in Alabama and then acquired her 600 hours of training in Integrated Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy from Dr. Anthony James at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine in Brooksville, FL. She plans on attending there through 5000 hours to acquire a doctorate in Natural Medicine. She offers Thai Yoga bodywork, nutritional advice, BET tapping techniques for emotional issues, Ayurvedic assessment for dosha balancing and she is a certified Reiki master.





Barbara Ezell

Barbara is an avid practitioner of Anusara, Bikram and Vinyasa. Passionate about Yoga, she combines strength and flexibility to create a dynamic practice. Her classes offer a healthy approach to asana inspiring flexibility of mind & body. Her sequences are strong and progressive from beginning to advanced levels of practice.  

She received her 200RYT from YogaWorks Intensive training program in Kalani, Hawaii. 2016, she completed her RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) training at Yoga Garden, San Francisco. and offers classes for pregnant women to support them through pregnancy and birth. Her practice is continually growing as she pursues professional workshops around the globe.

Barb's other pursuits include cycling, rock climbing, swimming and photography. 



Robin Goldbeck

Robin came to her yoga practice later in life, and still possesses a great passion for growth.  Starting this part of her journey as a practitioner 8 years ago, Robin undertook the RYT 200 hour program in 2014.  Always eager to share the benefits yoga brings to her mind, body and spirit, teaching seems a perfect trajectory for Robin’s life arc.   An architect by profession, an enthusiastic runner and ever evolving student of life, Robin guides students through asana and pranayama practice to mindfully unite experiences both on and off the mat.
A valley native, Robin enjoys travel and outdoor adventures with husband Ralph and two canines, Kona and Posey.  Their two adult sons are included on many such sojourns.  Robin loves sharing life’s discoveries, big and small, with all fellow travelers.




Angie Jakusz

Life is full of gifts that make it beautiful and enjoyable. Truly, Yoga has been one of life's gifts to me. Upon discovering how life can be once you apply a Yoga practice to it--I developed a desire to share this knowledge by becoming a teacher. I believe that leading a person through this experience is to lead them to a happier, healthier, life.

My approach is gentle and encouraging, I encourage students to listen to and let their body be their guide. 

I truly believe Yoga is for every body!"I discovered Yoga in 2006, in 2007 I completed Beth Shaw's YogaFit instructor course, and was Certified in 2008. I love being a yoga student and continue to learn from other teachers and through my own practice.



Lisa Lopez Williams

Lisa tries to live by the words, “Be Here Now.” In July 2015, she completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with Perfect Balance Yoga Studio. She believes yoga is an excellent vehicle to integrate body, mind, and spirit. She hopes students will feel refreshed, balanced, and nourished after participating in class.
Lisa is a certified InterPlay Leader. She has a BA in Liberal Studies from California State University Fresno and a Masters in Theology from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley with an emphasis in Worship and the Arts. In addition, she also holds a California Teaching Credential and presently works for Madera Unified School District. Yoga and meditation are important part of Lisa’s life that helps her to live each moment more mindfully.




Liz McAfee

Liz has an extensive athletic background. For the last ten years, she has been Co-Director of Just Us Girls: La Femme Sportive (a woman’s athletic network). Liz has competed in triathlon, marathon, half marathon, master swimming, open-water swimming, cyclocross and cycling for many years. She is well-versed in maximizing her workouts/trainings with limited time.
Discovering her breath and a sense of peace at Perfect Balance Yoga Studio in October 2010 proved to be an exhilarating experience for Liz. So inspired by that sweet breath, she completed the 200-Hour Teacher Training program in June 2011 and teachs Yin/Gentle Yoga as well as Basic Yoga.
Liz loves to teach with humor and variety, mixing in Pilates with her asana. Ever the student (and a voracious reader), she studies other forms of yoga, currently Yin and Anusara.
Determined to keep the aging process at bay and to increase her flexibility and strength, Liz practices yoga regularly as she keeps putting one foot in front of the other, with a smile.




Nicole Mobley

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and I decided that I wanted to deepen my practice and share my passion with other people. In 2014 I started taking teacher training immersion with Shiva Rea creator of Prana Vinyasa Flow®. I would soon take a path that would bring so much knowledge, body awareness and a profound transformation. After many injuries, I wanted to heal, and learn to how to slow down, let go of the stress and tension in my body! I want to laugh, and move freely with my body, find that fluid movement in the breath and Asana. 



Lisa Neville

Lisa has been a practitioner of yoga since 2010.  After a knee injury ended her dance career she turned to yoga for rehabilitation as well as fitness. She soon found that yoga not only offered restorative benefits but mental well being.  To further prove the benefits of yoga she completed the PB Yoga 200 hour teacher training in March 2015 while being pregnant.  This experience allows her to lend her knowledge to our expecting Moms.




Cristi Newport

Certified Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, trained by Janice Clarfield of Vancouver, Canada. Cristi has practiced yoga since 1997. She has a deep commitment to pregnant women and their special needs and concerns, instructing her prenatal yoga classes with love, support and caring. She has a delightful, heartwarming, and humorous nature with her students and life.



Giovanni Pivirotto

Is enjoying yoga, dance & sport for a lifetime. He surfed many years on Hawaiian waves like Ala Moana & Pipeline(Ehukai). Hiking, cycling and yoga on the beach are favorites.

"Surfing like yoga involve a kind of meditation, patience, embracing all lifeforms and elevates courage”.  “People gain a greater love & appreciation for the natural splendor around them that we sometimes take for granted”. He studied and instructed International dance styles. He used to lift weights 5-6 days per week and sustained several injuries. Giovanni believes he is more fit now with yoga and has healed those injuries.

Having instructed over 10,000 hours of group and private yoga classes ranging from beginning through advanced and is the Director of Teacher Training. His personal yoga practice is inspired by instruction from some of Northern California's finest teachers including Anirudh Shastri and Nancy Wubenhorst. Giovanni feels honored and appreciative to have received instruction by Ashtanga Yoga Master, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and is most grateful for a deep breath.



Marco Sanchez




Some history about Shastri;
Anirudh Shastri, life long yogi, philosophic explorer, born to a well-educated orthodox Brahman family in the small Indian village of Shamli.
Shastri embraced a beautiful curiosity for yoga as a boy, inspired by his father's scholarly passion for the ancient Sanskrit language and the enthusiasm of dedicated yogis practicing around him. Leading Shastri to immerse in a strict yoga tradition, receiving rigorous training unlike any Western yoga training we see today under the guidance of his teacher Shri Vishnu Prasadji. Since then, Shastri has grown to become a renowned yoga scholar and very popular Bay Area yoga instructor. Mirroring the true spirit of yoga, Shastri encourages the cultivation of balance through his own qualities of compassion, acceptance and lightness. He inspires others in his pureness of heart and deep joy of life, which is apparent in his manner and demeanor.



Sara Rushing